That natural state of rest where consciousness is suspended (web dictionary). During sleep the cat’s eyes are closed and muscles completely relaxed although twitching may be seen at some times which may correspond to REM sleep. Sleeping cats exhibit many postures (see rest) but are more likely to curl into a small circle when sleeping than when resting. When sleeping the head is usually rested flat against the surface on which the cat is lying.

The following illustrate some of the positions cats can adopt when sleeping.






Both when resting and sleeping cats often select a position where they are either on a raised surface or within a confined space – such as amongst plants (if outdoors), against cushions or in a cat bed.

The following photographs illustrate some of the resting places that cats select.


Raised sleeping places are often preferred


Covered, secure sleeping places are also commonly sought


Oudoors cats may select a protected sleeping place amongst plants


Cats that are part of the same social group may choose to sleep in contact with one another