Sources of funding:

We are extremely grateful to VetNet LifeLong Learning ( who funded the initial development of CBD. Which involved the development of chapters 1 and 7.


Thank you to CEVA for funding the chapter entitled 'Chemical Communication'.

We are also extremely grateful to the following organisations and individuals who have kindly supported us by helping publicise the ethogram, allowing photographs and video footage to be filmed and/or providing photographs and video footage:


Cats Protection (

Individual contributors:

A special thanks goes to Anne-Marie Dossche who has supplied so many wonderful photographs and videos and has been a dedicated photographer for us.

Also a special thanks to Linda Thustrup-Olsen who worked very hard in the intial stages of development on many tasks including taking footage and photographs.

Thanks also go to: Simona Normando, Diana Levi, Maureen Taylor, Silke Schmitz, Clair Tozer, Dawn Lipman, Martin Whiting, Joanne Edgar, Dee Johnson, Cheryl Bullers, Liz Monument, Mai-Britt, Uddberg Anderson, Tina Jorgensen, Stacie Shorten of Ameeka cats, Mark Scholes, Pat Lawson, Daniela Ramos and Celia Haddon.

We have received several hundreds of photographs and video clips and and are still in the process of categorising many, we are extremely grateful for these contributions and will be adding further acknowledgements to this page as work progresses.